Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have about 40 hours of traveling by myself worth of pent up annoying things to vent so bare with me whilst I write a few hypothetical emails to people who have rubbed me up the wrong way... And in the right way come to think of it! (it really wasn't that bad a journey!)

Dear Emirates, You need more people on the check-in counters. Stat!

Dear security staff lady who had a go at me for using the 'wrong' table to fill out my forms, Your colleague over there told me to use this table and I don't appreciate your implication that I lied to you about it, so go and ask her about it before going and getting yourself and I a chamomile tea so we can discuss what your parents did to you to make you distrust the world so much.

Dear 29F, You may need to sit down for this - oh, you are - for I am about to inform you of 2 inventions of the modern age that will no doubt change your life and more importantly the lives of those around you... In no particular order: 1. Deodorant. 2. Exercise.

Dear 29D, Bless your slender little Japanese frame and most pleasant flight etiquette. I'm sorry if I drooled in my sleep and I hope we can catch up for green tea next time I am in Japan.

Dear all who stand up before the fasten seatbelt light goes off, You have just endured a 9 hour flight, is that 7.5 seconds really going to put you in a better position at the baggage claim where you will wait 10 minutes for your bags anyway?

Dear guy who wears his sunglasses inside the terminal, There is no sun in here. You are not famous. You look like a dick.

Dear Costa coffee at Singapore airport, AMAZING hot chocolate!! It made my morning/afternoon/night/whatever...

Dear beautiful little Asian man who picked up my travel wallet and called after me when I went to the toilet, Friend, I owe you my life. In my delirium of fatigue you stood tall whilst my weakness almost caused tragedy. Bless your kind heart, and your Nikon camera, for a king's welcome will await you if ever you travel to my humble land.

Dear new 29D, What have you done with my Japanese friend? Did you eat her?? Please chat with 29F about my previous correspondence. Maybe you could sit next to each other and chat about it whilst resuming the armrest wars that I am clearly loosing.

Dear pilot, Please fly faster.

Dear Dubai airport, I suggest you have more mattresses in the waiting areas. If things get a little crowded I could probably take one for the team and share with those cute French backpackers over there...

Dear Emirates, Why have 2 options of a main meal if you only ever have 1? Beef is clearly the more attractive option to the pasta, so maybe you could consult that old supply/demand curve and work out how many more beef meals to put on board. This is the 2nd time today... (mouthfull of food) Yeah, alright, the pasta is pretty tasty.

Dear BJ (note to self), Please refer to #1 suggestion to passenger 29F on the first flight. Hypocrite.

Dear Patty B, Thanks so much for picking up my big bag and for the chat and coffee. Great to see you and looking forward to seeing you again in Varese.

Dear Italian sun, SHIT YEAH!!

Dear Lufthansa, It's a 2.5 hour flight to Stockholm, where the shit is your in flight entertainment??

Dear Lufthansa, You have made up for lack of entertainment with your delightful risotto and fish dinner. Clap clap.

Dear Stockholm customs and border security, Wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely holiday. I sincerely appreciate your lack of presence.

Dear German pole vaulters I waited an hour and a half for, May your wiener schnitzels be small and taste like crap.

Dear Swedish population, Seriously, how are you all so hot?

Ok I think that covers it! Racing tonight and after a good sleep I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. I'm not expecting anything amazing tonight which is good as I can just have a good hit out and see how I feel.

I'm tired, but the body feels good, the weather is great and there is a solid field. Let's get this Euro campaign started!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teleport me now!

Today's top temp in Canberra was 7 degrees.

Needless to say I am ready to go! I head to Melbourne this weekend to see some friends and family off, one of my best mate's 30th birthday's and my nephew, Charlie's, 2nd. I fly out to Milan, then Stockholm on Sunday evening and it simply cannot come soon enough!

Coming out of the altitude house a week and a half ago has been rough! Last week I felt exhausted, almost in tears in one session, and didn't train that well at all. This week I feel like I am really picking back up and in a much better physical and mental state. I am nervous, but I think it's good nerves. I feel ready to do what I need to.

Last year I went to Europe from working and training really hard and with a really strict routine. I found that this didn't work at all when I got there as I was constantly trying to 'get things done' that I really didn't need to. My chilled out roomie Joel Milburn got me out of the mentality soon enough and I worked out that I needed to be in a much more relaxed head-space and just feel natural  in everything that I did. Forcing everything didn't work.

So this year I am trying to get into that athletics focused chilled out but confident attitude as quickly as possible. But it leads me to ask myself questions that I implore any reader of this to ask themselves in relation to anything important in their lives. Work, family, sport, relationships.... anything!

What 'state' do we have to be in to perform at our best?
Relaxed? In a routine and up-tight? In a kind of meditative daze? Strongly supported and encouraged? Alone? With lots of people doing the same thing? Is it better to laugh or stay focused with our 'eye on the prize'? Do we do everything better in love? Maybe we're more efficient broken hearted as we try and take our focus away from it? Are strict goals better or are better when focused on the process and enjoying the journey?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The chat we all wish we had

My friend Benn Harradine has asked me to write a guest blog for his page at http://www.bennharradine.com/. He was not really specific, so I decided to not be specific. I thought I'd play with the idea of what we'd all love to do - have a good sit down and chat with ourselves 20 years ago...

''In my 30 humble years on this planet I have had the great opportunity to try a few things on. I’ve seen some things I would rather have not, I’ve done some things I probably shouldn’t have, and I have spent hours and months doing things that were about as useful as wearing thongs to an ice skating ring. I’ve attempted being a geek, an emo, a jock, a surfie, a musician, a writer, and a sportsperson. Through trial and error, failed idiocy, or just sometimes getting lucky, I’ve worked out a few things that have lead to feeling pretty darn good within the skin I’m in. I’m not really any of the things above anymore (minus the sportsperson), and I am by no means any kind of authority on any matter whatsoever, but here are some of the things I’ve learned and would love to sit down with myself from 20 years ago and talk about what’s in store...

On being ‘cool’...

You are not cool. I am not cool. You’re idea of ‘cool’ doesn’t actually exist in anyone except on your TV screen and even then the people behind the characters are probably a lot more insecure than you or I. The kid you laugh at at school who wears funny clothes, says weird things and sits in the corner doing his own thing whilst you snicker at him is probably the coolest kid in your class. Don’t be cool. You have as much chance of actually being that idea as you do marrying that girl Tessa that you have a crush on right now.

On education and a career...

Have more fun with what you learn. Challenge and question ideas you don’t think are right or don’t make sense. You are not as dumb as you think, and you certainly don’t look any worse by asking questions. Feel free to dislike things you learn, but embrace the ones that exciite you. One of the amazing things about our society is that you can be passionate about almost anything and make a job out of it. Learn about your passion. And expect it change.

On girls...

Never be late to a date. Always offer to pay. Kiss with your eyes closed. Learn from your parents, they know a lot more than you. Don’t follow ‘rules’, if you want to call the day after you met a girl, call. Never, ever, settle. Avoid destructive or manipulative games at all costs. Embrace the playful ones. Laugh during sex. Follow your heart, but be careful of losing yourself along the way. Find someone who has a good laugh, you will need it when you get older and realise how funny you look.

On money...

Sorry mate, I am broke. Ask me in 10 years whether not having any savings from my 20s was worth traveling around the world every year, living on whatever was in my pockets, and having some of the craziest and scariest experiences one can imagine. I’m tipping it will be.

On friends...

These are the most valuable and rare commodity in your life. They will fuck you over, they will save your life, they will make you cry a thousand tears and make you laugh till you pee. The best ones you have now will be the same in 20 years time, and probably 60. Nothing will hurt you more than leaving a great friend (which happens a lot!), but there is also nothing like finding a fantastic new one. They seem to be like plants in a garden... You have your favorite rose bushes and you have your weeds. Some high maintenance, some low. Some just not worth the trouble. But recognise your gum trees; they are the ones that won’t fade or die. They will give you shade if you need it or a great place to sit and play in. Roots firmly planted in the ground, they are worth everything to keep alive support when in trouble, because they’ll be there for you, too.
But most of all, don’t take yourself too seriously. Leave that to  everyone else...''

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It all starts again. Well, continues...

So we are on the cusp of another European (and hopefully Asian) campaign, just over one year out from the Olympics.

It has been nice reading over my posts from last year. Cathartic in a way. I'm certainly a different man/athlete from back then. I've learned a lot. I've lost a lot of baggage whilst somehow picking up a little more passion. Time will tell whether all that actually means anything soon enough, but in the meantime, I'm back on the blogage and happy to share ideas with anyone who wants to listen and talk back. I have some other cool peeps for you to look at in my following blogs section, and you can look forward to a cameo blog from my very good friend and passionate discus thrower, Benn Harradine very soon.