Receptions, Ceremonies and Dress-Ups

Team reception with Ben Offeriens and Joel Milburn

Last night we were exposed to our first whole team function, which was the team reception and revealing of the flag bearer. Obviously not everyone goes to this (especially with the opening ceremony on tonight), but the atmosphere was amazing! I had a predicted fun-rating of about 4-5 out of 10, but it delivered a solid 9! I think I had an image in my head it as going to be a sit down occasion with lots of speeches and formal stuff, but no! We were greeted by about 100 screaming fans (of which I still don’t know how to react to other than smiling and waving like an idiot) and cameras in out faces, before entering a massive room full of people, music, and an atmosphere pretty much like a nightclub! 

Past and present AIS boys! Joel, Patty Mills (bball), Joe Ingles (bball), and me

It was a great chance to catch up with athletes you don’t get to see very often from different sports, not to mention the staff that we create strong relationships with on trips like these. Star-struck and a giddy with excitement for such an unexpectedly awesome party, I was fairly sad to leave. But not without savoring my first real taste of the Australian Olympic Team. Every single person there had a smile on their face, and talking to the athletes, all oozing with positivity and a keenness to get the Games started, I took another step toward truly appreciating how special this all is. 
Tonight is the Opening Ceremony, and I am glad I haven’t got a limited amount of excitement in me, because I reckon I would have used it all up already. I have decided to not take my camera tonight, as I think the other 10, 000 athletes will have the covered and I want to enjoy every moment purely with my eyes and my heart. Let the Games begin!!!

Here are some pics from a dress up night the aths team had in our camp in Tonbridge... We had very little resources or time!

Theme: Past Olympics (vintage)

Tennis anyone? (Can't believe they have an S. Hooker wig)

Original 1896 Olympic Attire

Circa 1940s. And Bruno. I think he was blind or something

Mixing eras: triumph.

Our two judo competitors at it

1984 Olympic supporters

You can't see the gold medal or the bulging pants here, but Kim is a Chinese swimmer. a-hem.

Towels are almost failing

Press meeting?

Jeff as 2000 Olympic star Nikki Webster 

Me as Greg - reporter. Danii: ???

Never has a man looked so comfortable but terrible in a dress. 


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