Baby steps

I can confidently and proudly tell all you trendsetters back home that I managed to finish a race. Thank you, thank you. Please.... hold the applause ;-)

First day down at the Continental Cup and my event was first up off the rank on the track. So here is how this comp works; there are 8 lanes. Two for the Americas (North and South), two for Europe, two for Africa and two for us Asian and Pacific countries. Essentially it is a four horse team race, with the obvious favourites being the Americas and Europe. After an inspiring speech from our team captain, Steve Hooker, who fired us up to believe that "we can get third!" we all knew that from the start the odds were and are against us!

I finished 7th in 50.34 (or thirty something). I beat one person which means my prize money goes up a bit which is nice! I was, however, a little disappointed with the time. As far the bigger picture goes it is ok, with the focus being on Comm Games and some really important training to do in the meantime that will spark us up to race fast then. I just really thought I would step up a little bit more in such a fantastic racing environment! It was so lovely and hot, and although the wind was my non-preferred direction, it was quite minimal. I'm far from pissed off as I know that these things don't come easily and I often make the mistake of expecting things too much in this sport. I'm getting old (relatively) and I don't just make big jumps as far as times go much anymore so I can be moderately satisfied with a good progression from my last few races.

In the meantime, we have the relay tomorrow, which should be great fun! I think we are going to get smashed just quietly, but we'll have a massive crack at some big gun runners and the rest of the boys are pumped for it. I'm also making the most of this stunning place, enjoying the ocean swims, the lovely sun, and the laidback resort-style vibe at this phenomenal hotel.

Will let you know how the relay goes. May head out tomorrow night after the race though as I don't have much on for the next month as far as comps go!

over and out


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