Saturday night in Heusdan, Belgium

So another meet, another 50 point. I'm not pissed or really disappointed. It was a good race and a great field to come 5th in. I really enjoyed the race (other than it pissing down rain the entire night) as it was close and there was some great aspects of it.

I had this sweet analogy to describe where I am at with everything at the moment using lego and having the wrong pieces. Rightfully so, Matty shut me down and told me to stop f*&king around with analogies and just run. Fait call Matty. Just run...!

So i'm not going go write anything introspective about where I am at or where I want to be or anything this week. A me-free week. I have coming up on the blog a sit down chat with the one and only Tristan Thomas which was very interesting, so I will have that up as soon as I get it written.

I the meantime, training partner Mel Breen had a great night and ran her fastest time for any Euro campaign. Her thoughts can be found on her blog Get in there...

Just run :-)


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