Getting closer

On a positive note, there has been some good developments on the races front! I am not left wondering anymore with what is happening, which is great. Unfortunately I missed out on the meet in Lille, France due to a very poorly organised meet director, which is a little frustrating. The meet is today and I am still in Cologne, but I am not too fussed. I am now confirmed for the meet this Saturday in Antwerp, Belgium and Zagreb, Croatia on the 1st Sept. This means I'll have a good 7-9 days in Croatia with 3 great races of a VERY high standard! See details on the races thingy to the right...

Otherwise I am doing really well overall. Some great days of training and I am relaxed about everything here in Germany. It's funny how quickly you get used to not working and just filling your days with the most mundane tasks and adventures! I'm getting some solid reading done, though, and I had a great catch up last night with my very good pole vaulting friends Steve Hooker, Steve Lewis (from UK), Katya (Steve H's GF) and physio and great mate Shane Kelly. Games and laughs-a-plenty. It's really good to have those types of evenings I think when on the road. I am especially susceptible to thinking too much and get a little to caught up in my own shit. I am yet to fall into this habit this year, which is good I think. It seems not taking yourself too seriously can take you a long way in this sport... ;-)

I have an important race-specific session today which has been worked into my program if the race in Lille didn't turn out. This is a session that replicates the energy and mental requirements of a race, so should be a good tester to see if I am ready to go and adjusted well. Fingers crossed this is the case, but I am feeling super-dooper, and it's just awesome to run  around when I am in good shape and hurdling well!

The next 2 weeks are going to be pretty hectic with races and travel so I am making the most of keeping low and relaxing for the moment. 

love to all back home


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