Deep breaths...

Well after finishing a book and a half (I'll send you the copy, Sam ;-), sleeping an embarrassing amount and finally working out how to master the art of an excellent cafe latte from the confines of an ill-quip hotel room, I'd say I'm ready to race now! Tomorrow I head off with fellow Australian 400m hurdler Felipe De Castro Cruz (he is here training with Ben Offerins) to Belgium to kick off the 2010 campaign in Europe. We are driving there and back in the day, which was as easy option in a car with Ben, who is running tonight in Brussles.

Without trying to cut myself short or sabotage anything, I am not expecting amazing results first race tomorrow. It's a small meet with a not amazing field, and the first race is usually a bit of a builder for me over here. Having said that, I am certainly going to have a really big crack at this race and not leave the blocks with any hint of conservative thoughts to weigh me down. It will be a learning race, as well as a chance to sharpen my blade for the following races. The meet record is 50.66 and I don't think I have any meet records, so I'll hopefully take that down and maybe get a win, too :-)

Nothing else to report, really. Training has been as good as I could hope for. Feeling great, running fast and hurdling well. Highlights today have included the rain outside, a visit from Charlotte, a girl from the desk to bring us some better pillows, a walk to get some lunch, reading about the economic relationship between China and India, and Loz and Mel leaving this morning for Italy. They compete on Sunday in Rieti, which is a fantastic meet with a good track and nice warm weather. Good luck girls for some solid times and some better sun-baking.

Will update tomorrow when I get back on how I went... Thanks for everyone's support back home. I'm pretty sure the race tomorrow won't be on Eurosport ;-)



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