Blue skies...

I think from my memory this is the first year I have come to Europe and the weather has been turned on instantly! The last couple of days have been absolutely stunning! Apparently this is the best it has been in weeks, so we are trying to make the most of it; I can tell you that there is a pretty big lack of shirts at training.

I have settled in really nicely, as have the girls, Mel and Loz. A few good nights sleep, good food and company and I am feeling like I’m fairly adapted into the time zone, which is early for me. Experts (or just some guy wearing a hat) have told me it’s takes about a day to adjust for every hour difference in time, so I reckon I am doing really well. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have lovely warm sunny weather outside. It’s very uplifting! Joel and I have set up a little music studio to make some music on and we bought a lavender plant to give the place a little love. I have also used my MacGyver skills and turned a ethanol gel burner from downstairs in the restaurant and a grate from the fridge into a mini hotplate for my stovetop coffee maker. The next step is milk, which I am almost ready for. I will show photos later. Don't worry Mum, the gel in non combustible and there is no smoke for the fire alarms. 

On the downside, however, I'm still not sure on what is happening with my meets over the next couple of weeks. The good news is there is a meet in Milan AFTER Continental Cup which I may be running in, but only a flat 400m, and again... not confirmed. We are all being told that there is pretty much nothing on as far as comps go during September after C. Cup so we are trying to make the most of any opportunity to race. I may even get my disgraceful 400m PB down a smidge! I have been selected for the relay for Continental Cup 4 x 400 with Joel, Ben Offerins, and Kevin Moore which is fantastic news for me and a very very big race. This will mean I'll run on both days of C.Cup - a great conditioning weekend for the Comm Games a month later.

There are a few more athletes here now with the sprinters back from Zurich and a more coming every day from Oz so it's getting a little more like a team atmosphere which is exciting. Good luck to Joel, Loz,  Aaron (Rouge-Serrett), Steve (Hooker), and Sally (Pearson) who are all competing this weekend. 

Love to all back home from sunny Germany!


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