Greetings family and friends! 
I have set up this blog to keep those interested in the loop with regard to my travels and competitions leading up to the Commonwealth Games. I am sorry for this being impersonal, but sometimes I don't have time or the internet connection to do lots of emailing whilst on tour. If you have accidentally stumbled across this blog and have no idea who 'BJ' or 'Brendan Cole' are, then read to the side 'about me' or feel free to move on :-)

I was never a fan of doing a blog for myself. I find it a little self important and self indulgent, both of which I don't feel I wear too well, but a number of people have said it has been hard to follow my movements when I am overseas so the result is this blog!

I shall try and upload whatever I can as far as pictures and videos of racing go, and I will do the same with results as much as is possible. I suppose I can also use it as a bit of a diary of the trials and tribulations leading up towards Comm Games as it can be interesting to see what goes on in the heads of us absurd athletes on the quest for glory!

I leave for Europe in 2 weeks (17th Aug) to be based in Cologne (or if you are German; Koln), Germany. From here, we travel to various meets in Europe which will prepare us for Delhi (see sidebar for meets). Generally speaking, I am feeling fantastic and have had an amazing last 3 months of preparation and training building up to now.

I had my first race since May last weekend in probably the worst conditions I have ever run in. Cold, wet and very windy! My training partner Mel Breen made use of the wind in the 100m (10.9 hand held!), but it was causing much grief for us 4 hurdlers as it gusted and changed constantly! I was really happy with the run and even though it was a slow 50.8, all things considered it was a great result and a confidence building race. I will race again here in Canberra on the 15th Aug before I head off.

There will be more posts to come soon and feel free to post back or ask me anything! Things can get a little emotional and crazy overseas and at this time of the year so I apologise for any profanities or offensive language in future posts. It can be the price of being honest and I am fairly happy to say what I think. Maybe an M15+ rating it appropriate ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Hey Champ
    Very cool idea and not at all too self important. Will follow your progress very closely - must chat very very soon about your post Gold Medal plans.
    Love ya WR


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