There is something about these villages that I cannot describe any better than pure magic.

It's not a esoteric thing, with some crazy witch magic from the locals, but it's certainly real and in my many years of racing, very rare.

You could chop it up into lots of things that make this place what it is... The culmination of years of training, the competition with some of the best athletes in the world in one place, the shared experience with some of your closest friends, the cultural diversity and amazing things you see in a different country, and fun you have making new friends and catching up with old ones. You can add these together and probably find some kind of a formula for what is felt here, but it doesn't seem right to break it down like this; almost sacrilegious.

I realise that some athletes don't look at things the same way as I do - each to their own, as they say. But getting infected by the positivity and energy around the village here is hard to avoid. Even outside your own country, there is a respect and a understanding of the training and level of excellence required to be here. This carries over to solid friendships and good banter and fun in the dining hall and around the village. I've also been hanging out with Steve a lot and he seems to bloody know everyone so that helps with meeting new peeps!

As far as my person feelings are going to the hurdles, I really don't blow my lid too much with how I am feeling, but I am feeling amazing. I have been doing sessions that have been surprising even myself over hurdles, and I can't even start to explain how much confidence it is giving me. I'm certainly not going to go on about it, but yeah. Feeling fairly damn good about this weekend.

There is really not much chance to get too involved in my own head over here. We have an awesome apartment (we have been decorating the past couple of days), there is always training to be done, and I have been hanging out with lost of people from different sports and countries, which has been great. I only with I could I live like this all the time!!

So that's pretty much up to date. Athletics starts in about an hour over here, and my training partner Mel Breen is on tonight... Very exciting. I've got a couple of quiet days before Sat so will do minimal training and try and stay off the legs in the meantime.

love from my warm balcony in Delhi ;-)



  1. Hi Uncle BJ! We are very proud of you and so glad to hear you are having such a good time. Run fast on Saturday. We will be thinking of you and cheering you on. Lots of love, Jac, Nathan and Charlie


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